Red With Black Tip Sheepskin Seat Covers




Providing outstanding quality US Sheepskin’s Merino sheepskin rugs provide a luxurious look and feel. Each sheepskin rug is 100% genuine Australian Merino sheepskin and provide a unique look and feel like no other.

Natural sheepskin has been noted for its calming, therapeutic abilities in relieving stress, reducing pressure points and soothing ailments with muscles and joints. Sheepskin is a welcome addition for any nursery or child’s room providing a comfortable focal point of relaxation and security.

US Sheepskin’s sheepskin rugs add instant character to any rooms floor or furniture piece.

Style and Comfort: Sheepskin Long Wool Rug

Each of our sheepskin rug come in a variety of colors and sizes to match your chosen room big or small. Sheepskin is a natural fiber it resists moisture and dust.

Natural sheepskin fiber allows the body to maintain a consistent temperature year-round, winter or summer, spring and fall.

Accent or transform the décor in any room in your home with one of these natural sheepskin rugs.

Benefits of Using Natural Sheepskin:

  • 100% genuine Australian sheepskin
  • Sheepskin contours to your body’s position for maximum comfort
  • Helps distribute weight evenly taking pressure off fingers, joints, arms, shoulders, neck, and legs
  • Sheepskin helps maintains a constant temperature for comfort in hot or cold environments
  • Sheepskin deters dirt, bacteria, resists mold, and dust mites
  • Sheepskin is hypo-allergic and skin soothing
  • Sheepskin wicks moisture naturally
  • Sheepskin provides a lasting comfort and support

Colors: as shown

Size: Single pelt (approx. size) 41? x 23.5?




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