Store HOURS 11am - 5pm Tue-Sun, Closed Mondays except Memorial Day & Labor Day. Patch sewing only Tue-Friday 11a-2p. Call b4 u come.


This is your invitation and discount coupon for the Rally. Save on your phone, Share it with your friends and fellow riders.

  • 29th Memorial Weekend Motorcycle Rally & Blessing May 25-27, 2024
  • 22nd MOTORCYCLE STAMPEDE Aug 31-September 2, 2024


             Motorcycle Stampede 2024

We would like to invite all our Rider Friends to Memorial Weekend Motorcycle Rally & Blessing 2024

4 miles South of MI state line, South of Hillsdale, Michigan; 13 miles East of IN state line, East of Angola Indiana. Free Entrance, Feel Free to Share and invite friends.

Free Entrance, Live Bands, Bike Show, Cook – Out; May 25th – Mon May 27th Feel free to share with your rider friends. Please print (or save it on your smart phone) and bring this invitation with you.